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Our whole lives are a great big narrative, made up of characters, events, and small, everyday moments. And some of us are lucky enough to have one of those events be a wedding day, where we celebrate our character’s counterpart, our one true love.

I think weddings are kind-of the best thing ever. Mostly because it’s like watching all these narratives come together in a whirlwind of excitement and activity.

Your mother’s story that day is one of sweet pride, for you and for her. She watched you grow in those small, everyday moments that led you here. Your best friend remembers the first time you met and maybe how much you’ve changed since meeting your soulmate. And your fiance! You both were walking every step of your lives toward one another, probably without even knowing it. And today is the day those steps fall side by side. Your narrative goes from two stories to one.

This whirlwind is where the magic happens, and it’s what I love to photograph—all these little moments adding up to your great big love story. 

weddings are the best

You've probably never been married before, so let me fill you in on a great secret: weddings are kind of the best thing ever.

here's the thing


guess what? 

photos should be fun

I promise this will be fun, not awkward or stuffy. You don't have to be super confident in front of the camera.
I'll make this easy. 


I promise this will be fun, not awkward or stuffy. You don't have to love PDA or be super confident in front of the camera. I'll make this easy.